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Name:Anna Milton
Birthdate:Apr 9
Location:United States of America
Anna is a mystery, a girl who was normal until September 18th when suddenly she started overhearing angelic conversations and then she was placed in an asylum. After escaping, she finds herself rescued by Sam and Dean Winchester as well as a demon named Ruby. Eventually the group are tracked down by Castiel and Uriel who claim that Anna has to die. When told that they can't because she is innocent, Castiel informs Dean and Sam that she isn't as innocent as they believe. Before the angels can attack, they are chased away magically by a spell that was cast by Anna who has no idea how she knew it.

With the help of Pamela, a psychic, it's revealed that Anna is actually an Angel who ripped out her Grace to fall to Earth so that she could be a human. She was actually also Castiel and Uriel's boss and they are out to kill her because she disobeyed her orders by becoming human.

In an elaborate plan set up by Sam, Dean and Ruby, the angels and the demons end up in the same place in a battle over Anna. During the fight, Anna snatches her Grace from Uriel who stole it from where it had landed and she reclaims it to become an Angel once more.

Now she is returned to being an Angel, something she doesn't necessarily enjoy but she does to help fight the upcoming war.

Disclaimer: I am not Anna nor do I own Supernatural. Both belong to the Eric Kripke and the CW. I'm also not Julie McNiven, she belongs to herself.
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